Pennsylvania Railroad Motive Power

The following information on E&P motive power was provided by Carl Timko:

According to notes found in the Crawford County (PA) Historical Society files, diesels first appeared around 1950-1951. They came equipped with Auto Train Stop (as written in their files). The E&P primarily used ten RF16's (#2024A-2027A, #9734A-9739A), and seven F7's (#9656A-9661A, #9666A). An F7 was required to be in the lead on all trains. But I did find a note in the same files saying that some EP1 trains (northbound) would have 140 car trains pulled by Baldwin cabs on the point and pushers behind the cabin.

David Geldmacher adds:

[Regarding the lead F7s,] I don't think that this applies to lash-ups that included Baldwins, because incompatible throttle controls prevented MU between the EMD and Baldwin units. Photos in the "PRR Diesel Years" books suggest all-EMD or all-Baldwin motive power hook-ups. Later, some derated BP20 passenger sharks also appeared in Erie MU'd with RF16A & B's, but I don't know if they came up the P&E or the E&P.

Steam on the E&P consisted of M1's, 4-6-0's, 2-10-2's and 2-10-0 for main service, 2-8-0's and 2-8-2's for lesser duties, K2's for passenger service of which #9999 was a regular (any photos available of #9999?)

Steam Class A (0-4-0)
Steam Class B (0-6-0)
Steam Class E (4-4-2)
Steam Class I (2-10-0)
Steam Class M (4-8-2)


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