Pennsylvania Railroad Documentation Directory

Official Pennsylvania Railroad publications can be an invaluable resource for research -- but where can they be found? This directory is an effort to aid research by showing what documents (original or reproductions) are available in the collections of Pennsy fans.

If you have any official Pennsylvania Railroad documents and would like to be included in the effort, please e-mail me at the address at the bottom of the page. Please include the complete document titles and dates of your material.

Note to PRR-Talk members: If you e-mail a question to a document holder, please CC it to the list. We want to know, too!

Select one of the following document types to see what is available:

Employe Time Tables

Employe Time Tables contain a wealth of information including freight & passenger schedules, speed & weight restrictions, engine tonnage ratings, and rules relating to signals, interlockings, and car inspections.

Public Time Tables

Passenger train schedules, without the other information contained in the Employe Time Tables

Freight Schedules and Train Orders

Information on freight operations.

Trackwork & Structures

Show track, interlockings, stations, building locations, etc.

Equipment Diagrams & Manuals

Motive power and rolling stock documents.

Rules and Procedures

Instructions for safety, maintenence, operation, etc.


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